Monday, May 4, 2009

Eps' Take on the Hustle

I disagree a little bit with my brother C-Nel on this subject. I guess my teaching experience has colored my view

I personally find it more difficult to teach someone how to hustle. Teaching has taught me that. I find it so so so much easier to deal with kids who may lack skills but are hustlers. They want to learn. They have a drive to succeed. That gives me a great starting point to work with.

But if a kid is smart and has no motivation, that is waaaaaaaaay more difficult to work with. Not having that drive, that willingness to work hard is a killer. You can have few skills but be a hard worker and get by. If you dont have any motivation to work hard but is bright as a light bulb, you are going to eventually hit a ceiling. 

Tp put it simply, you can never knock the hustle...

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Dominique said...

i think they both are about equal; honestly. you have to look at it as both have different ways of being approached.

Also, the stubbornness level might be an issue but ultimately they both can get motivated. most people have that hustle in them and will grind for money ...but the smart kid isn't thinking about money; challenging them to a book reading contest (or something like that) and watch them get hype! just because the smart kid doesn't show their motivation or express anything as a hustle kid would that doesn't mean they are harder to motivate than the other that just means your not use to their way excitement or motivation! ...hope that makes sense